Penultimate Review

Replace paper-based notebooks with Penultimate, the ultimate note taking app. Created by Cocoa Box Design, Penultimate is Sleek, elegant and easy to use, Penultimate looks beautiful on the iPad. Launching the app, you will be greeted with a notebook which is a tutorial on how to use the app. The tutorial is very helpful and once your finish you will be able to go through Penultimate options with no problem.

Penultimate has been at the top productivity apps on the Apple App Store, and does it lives up to the hype, YES. You can have as many notebooks as you like, so no need to worry about running out of paper. All notebooks are displayed on the main screen with their name, the number of pages they contain and date they have been created. Writing notes are done with your fingers, unfortunately there is no keyboard, which some might find annoying but not a big deal. Writing are sketching is simple. You have a choice of 10 colour to write, you are able to re-size the pen and the eraser comes in handy for those mistakes. You’re also able to email your entire notebook as a PDF or a single page as a PNG.

Another great features is the fact that you are able to add a picture from your photo library on your iPad to a page in your notebook and do what you want with it. Penultimate is beautiful, simple to use, amazing, fast, user interface is friendly and pack with features. The app is well put together. No keyboard shouldn’t be a huge worry, because your fingers will make a great pen.

Application Details

Title: Penultimate

Price: $1.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Cocoa Box Design

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Penultimate - Cocoa Box Design LLC

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