Be Write HD iPad App – Review

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Be Write HD is a great productivity application for the iPad. Priced at only $0.99 the huge amount of features makes it more than worth it. Blog, Email, Edit Google Docs, Draw, Create HTML, Take Notes and Handwriting. Create HTML documents with full formatting and alignment. Be Write HD also allow you to create emails and blog posts. The app has a built in browser  and you’re able to translate into 50 different languages and also allow you to insert images with one tap. BE Write includes a great tutorial which explains the user interface and the little icons you see throughout the app.

Want to create blog post on the go then Be Write is a very reasonable app to grab, it is a nice little alternative to the WordPress and Blogger app. The user interface is friendly and easy to use. With the latest version, you will have a greater experience if you’re on iOS 5.

Application Details

Title: Be Write HD

Price: $0.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Traci Yavas

Be Write HD iPad Download Link

BE Write HD - Blog, Email, Edit Google Docs™,  Draw,  Create HTML, Take Notes, Handwriting - Resolvica, Inc.

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Be Write Extensive Features below:

Google Docs™ SYNC
** Sync documents with Google Docs.
** View and edit Google Docs™ in the app and on the desktop. Changes made on the desktop will be maintained once they are on your iPad.
** Keep documents in sync across multiple devices.
Export to DROPBOX and use as web page

*MULTIPLE EMAIL SIGNATURES: Use your own previously saved templates, such as signature files, commonly used phrases, or email messages that are frequently sent.
* Email multiple images, including photos and images from the web.
* Email as PDF if desired.
* Load images to DropBox and send them in email

Create great looking formatted blogs posts that include
* Handwriting
* Drawing
* Images and backgrounds

DRAW ON TOP OF IMAGES. Point yourself out in a crowd. Underline for emphasis. Express yourself any way you want by marking up photos and images.

* Create multiple templates, including signatures, and insert them at any time using short cuts
* Draw pictures or hand write notes

Built-in browser lets you research, translate, view your blogs and more
* Translate documents to more than 50 languages with Google or Bing and insert the translation into the document
* With one tap, insert images, text, or HTML from web to document
* With one tap, set image as your email, blog, or document background
* Partial WEB SCREEN CAPTURE (select only the portion of the page that you want to capture)

*Insert YouTube video from web

Includes short phrases (canned English)
Easily link to and paste quotations
Create formatted HTML documents with such formatting features as:
Font type, color, and size
Bulleted lists
Highlighted text
Bold, italics, and underlining
Text alignment (left, center, and right)
Spell checker
Auto complete and auto capitalization
Shortcuts to save re-typing
Enjoy additional word processing features:
REDO and UNDO commands
Use ARROW KEYS to NAVIGATE within document
COPY and PASTE, including text and graphics, to and from web sites (or any HTML or text document) or from other apps
ZOOM IN AND OUT using the pitch gesture while viewing or editing.
Export to iPad Photo Album