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MailTones is an amazing app that gives iPhone and iPad users an alternative to the dull email message tone you hear when you receive a new email. Choose from over 60 different sounds and set them to contacts, subjects and email domains. The great thing about MailTones is that users are able to differentiate between important emails and not so important emails because it lets you set your own tone so you know which one is. Set up a professional subtle tone or one that allows you to hear your new email in noisy place, like  whistle, buzzer or horns.

Along with the tone for a new email, MailTones can even be set to pop up a notification of the latest email on your iPhone. This notification will display the sender and subject. Great features because you will be able to see instantly if the email is important and need to be attend to right away or wait until later.

MailTones is an amazing app that works great just as the developers described and is absolutely reliable. Well worth the price.

How MailTones Work

When you run MailTones, we’ll give you a special email address @mailtones.net – forward A COPY of your email to that address and any mail you receive will make your iPhone beep with your chosen tone. You can choose to copy all your email to mailtones.net, or use filters to just forward some messages. When email arrives at our server, we send a Push message to your iPhone – causing it to beep, whistle, ring or buzz! Please make sure you can forward a copy of your email to a second address – GMail and MobileMe users can do this, but we understand Yahoo Mail does not provide this facility. MailTones uses the Amazon EC2 platform, to allow for extreme reliability and stability, however cannot guarantee delivery of message notifications. The price includes ongoing use of our service, with no recurring fees.

Why Buy MailTones

• Pick a new email tone from over 60 we supply
• Set custom tones for contacts, subjects, recipient addresses and domains
• Get quick alerts of incoming messages
• Cut distractions by setting unimportant email to silent or ignore
• “Do Not Disturb” automatically stops alerts at night
• Simple set-up from GMail, MobileMe and any server which supports “forward a copy” forwarding of email
• Developed and passionately supported by a UK company with over 10 years experience in the mobile industry

App Details

Name: MailTones – Email Alert and Sounds

Price: $2.99

Category: Business

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MailTones - Email Alerts and Sounds - Electric Pocket

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