Gogo Sushi Review: Run your Own Sushi Restaurant

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Your Grandfather Sushi restaurant is under threat by a huge supermarket, it’s time for you to hit the kitchen and become a master chef to keep the family business alive. Get your orders right, satisfy your customers appetite, keep them happy and you will be rewarded with “fishes”, yes fishes that you have to use wisely at your local market. Observation is key in Gogo Sushi, memorise your customers likes and dislikes, some people like wasabi, some don’t. Like any restaurant, no one likes waiting and losing customers will not be good for business. Do things right and the family business will become popular, become a tycoon in no time.

Gogo Sushi is fun and elegant, the controls are very simple. The customer’s order appears as an image above their heads. Your ingredients are set out on your side of the bar, tapping each ingredient will add it to the mat, you then tap on the customer that made the order to serve them. Make a mistake, then simply tap the bin to start again.

Gogo Sushi relies on a quick reaction time. The gameplay is great and the overall interface is pleasant. The challenges increase at a steady rate and you will get a few good hours of gameplay. It is advice to have a look at the tutorial, even though Gogo Sushi is a casual game you will find yourself pulling your hair out until you read the instructions. The tutorial consist of some poor translation but you do get the idea of what is being explained. Overall, Gogo Sushi is a great game and one that will keep you entertain for a lot of bus or train journeys.

App Details

Name: Gogo Sushi

Price: $1.99

Category: Games

Developer: Sung Hwan Cho

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