Planner S the Creative and Interactive Planner App – iPhone App Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Planner S is probably the only app you will need to plan your day, week or month in a creative and innovative way.  The app is a functional diary with stickers. You can decorate and describe your daily life with a variety of unique stickers and then simply share with friends or groups. Planner S is pack with a lot of features to keep you busy. Writing a plan isn’t only about words, you will be able to add stickers, personalise your planner with various colourful designs, organise entires by themes/categories, backup and restore entries securely and much more.

Planner S is easy to use, once you get use to the tabs navigating through will be a ease. The integration of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and SNS is a nice touch for sharing a proverb, poem and even a diary entry. The stickers are really cute and gives the ability to add a personal touch to each entry. The reminders and alarm make it easy to remember your tasks. If you are a private person then you will be glad to hear that the app also have the option of password protection.

Planner S is a really cool app. Great app for the unorganised person. As of the writing of this post the app is free so grab it while you can, the usually price is $4.99.

App Details

Name: Planner S

Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free (for a limited time)

Developer: AKABOOK Inc

Planner S (Social Diary) - AKAON

★Access an extensive library of 500+ FREE stickers and backgrounds created by professional designers
★Tag each entry with event-specific info (location/people/feeling/images)
★Personalize your planner with various colorful designs
★Affix and rearrange stickers on each entry
★Protect your privacy with a passcode and other security measures
★View your planner by day or by month
★Organize entries by themes/categories
★Share your entries conveniently via SNS, Twitter, or Facebook
★Email entries to family, friends, or other contacts
★Back up and restore entries securely
★Access the lunar calendar
★Add holiday and special events to your schedule
★Create recurring events (daily/weekly/monthly/annual)
★Select a font of your choice
★Choose the default start tab
★Affix up to 3 stickers per entry
★Set up scheduling alerts (iOS 4.0 or better)
★Customize the app settings according to your preferences
★Browse and purchase new items using the Shop menu
★Compose entries in landscape mode to make typing easier
★Confirm which networks entries have been shared on with intuitive sharing indicators
★Enlarge or reduce images added to entries
★Access various badges