Space Frontier iPhone App Review

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Space Frontier develop by Digitalfrog is a addictive game that will keep you busy on your morning commute to work. It’s the year 2150 and earth is a complete mess. We need somewhere else to shack up. Space is the next venture but before you can move on you will need to make the planet liveable. With the help of Runa your personal tutor you will be able to construct buildings, acquire resources, lease buildings, improve living conditions, watch out for those meteorite and upgrade your buildings to get a better income. Runa will help through the first few stages, after you complete each stage objective you will be given a grade on your performance.

Space Frontier is a Tycoon style game with a difference, the uniqueness is that all of your construction and management is done in space. The controls are great and the graphics are beyond a lot of games that are at the same price. The gameplay is absolutely addictive and with 40+ stages and various challenges you will enjoy every minute.

Space Frontier is priced at $3.99 and for a game of it’s standard it’s well worth it. A lot of praises for this game, I cannot get over how amazing the graphics are and so much fun to play. So go out and grab Space Frontier, and construct your planet.

App Details

Name: Space Frontier

Category: Game

Price: $3.99

Developer: Digitalfrog

Space Frontier. - Digitalfrog


Build a futuristic kingdom in this epic sci-fi Sim Adventure!
In the year 2150, Earth is no longer lush of vegetation and has now become unlivable by any standards. You must scout the unknown universe and colonize mysterious planets creating a vibrant new world for the people of Earth.
Construct a vibrant colony by allocating your resources wisely and hone your construction skills to rise from the space dust and become an all-powerful empire.

* Over 20 Different Types of Space Buildings!
* 30 Mysterious Planets to Colonize!
* 40 Addicting Stages to Conquer!
* Space Age Construction Tools and Robots Learn and Use!
* Numerous Quests!
* Intense Graphics and Sound!