Feed The Hungry Pigs, Promo-Code Giveaway

We have teamed up with the developers, Tocamobi to offer our readers a chance to get ”The Hungry Pigs” for free. Get a promo-code simply by sharing this post, follow us @iphoneglance on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We have four codes to offer so be quick. The giveaway is for one day only, today December 11, 2011. do message us to let us know you have done the requirements.

The Hungry Pigs is a casual game released for iPhone/iPod touch with a very addictive gameplay that includes accelerometer-control, touch & multitouch interaction, physics simulation with action/puzzle features.

Before the birds got angry, the pigs were hungry!!. Now it’s time to open the doors to a new adventure. A lot has been said about birds and chicks, but we are going to show you a new clan of special pigs ready to fight for their right to eat!! And they’re gonna!!.
The Hungry pigs are not your usual tiny, silly kind, they all have special skills, acquired in order to break all kinds of obstacles, defeat those annoying birds and feed their immense hunger.

Though they are special, their life might be on the line if they don’t get those tasty eggs…. You need to beware of the birds around because they want to dry up our pigs’ inspiration and cut short their mealtime; some will threaten the pigs by flapping their wings, others are more zombie-like and won’t start their flight until they see you.