Pet It Out, iPhone/iPod Touch Review

Help the 7 cute and adorable characters escape the clutches of the intergalactic zoo and help them find their way back home. With each having their own unique gameplay style you will get use to them by the time you reach the 150 level. Collect all 5 stars in each level in as few jumps as possible and as quickly as you can to move to the next. Sounds easy, it’s not, because the captors who held the characters in the first place have set up many different obstacles and traps that will get in your way.

The app as 47 different Game Center achievements and 150 levels with reports from the developer that they have 60 more levels and 5 more characters to come. There is no room for boredom in this game, the levels are challenging and fun to play. The ability to share scores on Facebook and Twitter is a nice touch. The graphics are well polished and detailed. The game music is a bit off for me but being able to choose my own music as soundtrack for the game is fabulous. I really enjoy playing Pet it Out and is one of iPhoneGlance recommended games. Go ahead and download Pet It Out to start flinging those pets across your device screen.

App Details

Title: Pet It Out

Price: $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Candango Games

Pet It Out - Candango Games


App Store Description

Simple, Challenging and Addictive!

Help these cute little pets escape from the Intergalactic Zoo and find their way back home! But be careful! The captor will set up many traps in your way! Master the abilities of each pet to overcome them all in a blink!

With simple touch controls, stunning visuals and great playability, this game is a must for everyone with a touch screen and a desire for fun! The 7 pets and 150 levels presented in this version will provide many hours of fun for everyone, from laziest to the most dedicated player.

Choose you way to play and take your time! Do you just want to quickly help your pets escape and see the next level? Or would you rather collect every star and search for the hidden trophy to show all your friends your Game Center Achievements and High Scores? Speed the game up and down to tune the difficulty and pace to your style! Send your scores to Twitter and Facebook and challenge your friends!

Don’t like our soundtrack? Our pets surely do! But you can always listen to your own music from inside the game!

And once you’ve beaten all 150 levels in this first version, keep your eyes on the free updates with 60 all new awesome challenges!

If you cannot wait to see all pets and levels, you can purchase the Unlock All Levels package in game options. All pets, levels and future updates will be unlocked instantly.
• Simple and intuitive touch controls, no on-screen buttons or complicated stuff!
• 7 different pets with unique gameplay style!
• 150 challenging levels for all types of players!
• Share your scores with all your friends in Facebook and Twitter!
• 47 Game Center Achievements and 8 Leaderboards!
• Adjust the speed of the gameplay to your pace!
• Access your music library from inside the game!
• Monthly updates. New pets and new levels on their way!
• All updates always for FREE!

We recommend this game version for iPhone 3GS or superior, and iOS 4.2 or above (tested).

Disclosure The developer Candango Games and the iPhone game “Pet It Out” are paid advertiser on iPhoneGlance