iPad App Explore Vincent tells the Story of One of World’s Most Famous Artist

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Im not a huge fan of Art because I just never understand it all. I just couldn’t see past the painting of a man in a bowler happy with a green apple for his face. Apparently the secret to t all is to start by learning about the artist. To have an app set out the life of a famous and misunderstood artist it’s the prefect start to begin exploring the world of Art.

An educational iPad app EXPLORE VINCENT. It is a biographical app that brings Vincent van Gogh to life. The app features 15 animation clips, 6 educational games and off course many paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh. The app was made in cooperation with known Van Gogh-experts and biographers.

EXPLORE VINCENT is meant for youngsters, but contains much that will appeal to grown-ups with an interest in art or culture. Weather Vincent committed suicide or was accidentally killed, as is suggested in a recent biography, his life was interesting and full of drama. This app is an excellent way to get to know the world famous artist, without having to read a thousand pages.

The App is setup with a older child in mind probably starting from the age of 11.

Even though my 3 year old did get hooked to the short narration and music that detailed the life of Vincent Van Gogh. He didn’t understand much but he enjoyed it.

The six games included gives the users even more chance to know more about the artist through testing what you’ve learnt in the app. The games Cityscape, Family Tree, Help the Museum, Find the Spot, Lettersketches and Endgame are also fun.

App Store Description

EXPLORE VINCENT tells the story of Vincent van Gogh, one of world’s most famous yet most misunderstood artists.

Experience the key dramatic moments of Vincent’s life with 15 short HD animation clips. Discover how groundbreaking inventions changed his world. See how masters like Rembrandt and artist like Gauguin and Monet influenced his art. Follow the first steps of Vincent’s artistic calling and see how he developed into an innovative master painter. Test your knowledge with games: Build an 1866 city or organize your own exhibition.

Explore drama, history and art in a rich HD app featuring:

15 animation clips about Vincent van Gogh’s life
6 educational game
many paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh

EXPLORE VINCENT is a biographical app that brings Vincent van Gogh to life.

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Title: Explore Vincent

Price: $1.99

Category: Education

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