AppZapp PUSH and AppZapp HD are now FREE on the App Store.

Are you a bargain hunter? I guess most people are especially during the holidays. Well we have a bargain for you today. An app that informs you about price drop in the App Store by either push or email is itself having a price drop. AppZapp Push usual price $0.99 (£0.69) for iPhone and AppZapp HD usual price $1.99 (£1.49) are both now available for FREE on the Apple App Store. Notice the free in bold letters, that’s because we just couldn’t let our readers miss this one. I have downloaded the app for both iPad and iPhone and will have a detailed review up soon. In the meantime grab them both while you can, they are available only for a limited time.

More details on why you would want to download AppZapp Push and AppZapp HD.

There are hundreds of price drops every day and more than 450.000 Apps on the AppStore. AppZapp will find all changes very fast and show them in well sorted lists to you. So you are always on top of whats going on on the AppStore.

Your AppZapp is an essential tool to help you find the right apps in your AppStore.

Top Features:
* Always up2date with price and seller alerts
* All sales, free apps and whats new easy accessable
* Benefit from our highly perfomant service
* Detailed information of every app and seller
* Become a part of the AppZpp Community
… and much more!

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