OMG Facts Puzzle Game iPad App Review

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OMG facts puzzle game is an amazing, addictive and fun puzzle game that will let your brain’s hurt. Not literally hurt but its that good. The game requires you to be tactical, strategical, knowledgeable and down right smart. Accept the challenge and try to unlock each puzzle by filling in the blank space.

How do you play? Each puzzle gives you a fill-in-the-blank OMG Fact answer block that you need to decode. The answer is hidden in the jumble of words in the word field below. Only the right words will be repeated a certain number of times. Your task is to analyze the answer block and the word field in order to find the right words that decode the OMG Fact in the answer block. Now the hunt begins: tap words in the word field in order to highlight them. Find all the right words to solve the puzzle!

Like with many games GameCenter and OpeinFeint is integrated for you to share your high-scores and accept a challenge from friends.


What would happen if you fused a crossword and a word search and combined that with mind blowing facts? You’d get OMG Facts Puzzle Game – a completely unique and addictive word puzzle game. A new type of game that challenges your analytical word powers to the max!

Each puzzle challenges you to unlock an amazing fill-in-the-blank fact that’ll blow your mind. With over 50 hand built, brain tickling puzzles inside, hours and hours of fun await you.

To take on an OMG Facts Puzzle is no ordinary task: You’ll need to use all of your general knowledge and trivia smarts, analytical wordpowers, strategic and general reasoning skills and overall pattern recognition abilities. Are you up for the challenge?

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Title: OMG Facts Puzzle Game

Price: $4.99

Category: Games

Developer: Mind Mayhem Inc

OMG Facts Puzzle Game - Mind Mayhem! Inc

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