How to Unlock your O2 UK iPhone, No Jailbreak Required

We have taken a slight step away from reviewing application on this post, but we really feel that this is worth mentioning to our UK readers.

So you’ve purchased an iPhone 4 from the O2 network and your contract as come to an end but you see another network offering some great deals. But wait the iPhone is locked to 02 what do you do?  Well lets just say you will not need to jailbreak to achieve an unlock that requires you to use any network SIM. I Should point out that jail breaking doesn’t remove the network lock on your iPhone it merely loosen Apple’s tight grip it’s got on it’s device. You can install software that remove the carrier lock from the device but if you happen to upgrade your iOS then you will lose it.

A lot of people is under the impression that they need to pop down to their local phone shop and pay a ridiculous amount to get the iPhone unlock. NO. Escaping O2 is much more easier that you think, you simply ask them to unlock your device. Yes you did read that right. O2 will be more than happy to remove the lock on iPhones that they have supplied whether you or Pay Monthly or Pay-as-you-go. O2 as even got a web page where you’re able to do this.

What might be a surprise to many is that asking O2 to unlock your device is free even if you’re still under a contract but you obviously have to honour the remainder of your contract. Pay-as-you-go customers will have to pay £15. Simply load £15 credit and then fill out the unlocking form. The details from O2 is that it will take 14 days, this isn’t so. My personal experience is that it only took 3 days. I received a SMS message to say that the iPhone was now unlocked.

Even though it says unlocked, if you put another network SIM in the iPhone you will get the message “invalid SIM”. What needs to be done is head to your MAC or PC, connect to iTunes with the new SIM in the device. The iPhone will reboot and then recognise the SIM.

This works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3 and iPhone 3Gs. Unfortunately the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 8GB isn’t available to get unlock yet. The O2 representative on the phone told me that they haven’t receive the keys from Apple to unlock the 4S or the 4 8GB.

We hope this post goes along way. Many iPhone users do not realise that O2 offers this service. So get unlocking people. More info can be found on O2 support.