Puffers Train Challenge iPhone Review

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Guide your train from one end of the grid to another in as few moves as possible. Your train needs to get to it’s destination, and to get it there you need to move incorrectly placed pieces of tracks to form a full track and get your steam roller moving. Do as few moves as possible and earn stars, win awards and open bonus levels.

The game is easy to get going but it does get challenging. The game interface could do with a bit of seen to. When you do try to move the tracks it can be difficult to do so. The graphic’s could also be worked on by the developers, playing on an iPhone 4 it doesn’t look pretty. It does however provides the user with a huge range of levels and it’s a great app for kids. Puffers Train Challenge is available for £0.69, and the equivalent to your country App Store. There’s a free version that we do recommend you give ago before purchasing the full version.

App Details

Title: Puffers Train Challenge

Price: $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Daniel Shelly

Puffer's Train Challenge - Daniel Shelly

App Store Description

A Family Friendly Game with both Zen (unlimited moves) and Star modes.

Help Puffer move through different levels and worlds by placing tracks into the correct order. Use the least amount of moves to:

1. Earn Stars
2. Win Awards
3. Open New Bonus Levels

Puffer Starts off simple but grows more challenging and more addicting as this little steam engine rolls on! Build bridge over rivers, tunnel through mountains, while earning stars and bonus awards along the way!

If you’re skillful you may even beat that famed railroad engineer Casey Jones…

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