HUDY Pro is a Free iPhone App That Will Reflect Speed, Time and Directions on your Car’s Windscreen

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HUDY Pro is the iOS app that allows you to transform your windscreen into a sleek and elegant heads up display. Using your device’s GPS Hudy Pro displays your direction, speed and a nice little clock that is easily readable. All this is displayed conveniently and beautifully on your windscreen. You can even have the weather conditions displayed. All this is included in the free version but Hudy Pro consist of some extra features which can be bought from the in-app purchase included in the app. Features like ECO Drive and Zero-100.

“HUDY Pro is thoughtfully designed with your driving efficiency and ease in mind. Its most pertinent feature—the head’s up display of speed, time, and direction—is instantly accessible upon opening the application. Of course, the developers of HUDY Pro realized there was potential to do a great deal more with the application. Without compromising the appealing simplicity of instant dashboard accessibility, many other features have been made available.

The graphics are absolutely amazing, the colours work perfectly well. The black background highlights the grey numbers and gauges really elegantly. You do have the option of purchasing display colours to suit your style. The Eco-Drive feature is a nice way to keep an eye on that sudden increase in speed, it allows you to take notice of where you’re accelerating too much(good to save those pennies on petrol). Zero-100 feature is not well utilise in urban areas, not for me anyway because where I live the top speed is 40mph. However I was able to adjust the settings to test going from 0 to 40mph, wish is surprisingly accurate.

Hudy Pro is beautifully designed, simple to use and down right elegant. The user interface is clean and bright. I absolutely love it. It’s actually turned me into a better driver. Having my iPhone on my cars windscreen displaying my speed saves me looking down at the dashboard which can be very unsafe. I truly cannot fault this app it does what it says in the description and does it perfectly. This is why Hudy Pro gets our 5 star rating.

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Title: HUDY Pro

Price: Free includes in-app purchases

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