Crystal War: Blood Field An Epic Battle on your iPhone and iPad

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Crystal War: Blood Field is a RPG styled game with inspirations from World of Warcraft but with it’s own twist. Battle your way to the top either as a human or goblin to defeat your opponents. Choose to play in single mode or against other players in the network mode. Whatever your choice your army will need to have strength and strategy. The game heads off with you on one side and your opponent on the other side of the device screen with the land between filled with game currency (crystals). Use harvesters to gather crystals. These crystals are use to purchase units which drive your enemies back and attack their leader, which is somewhat hard to defeat if you’re not smart with your moves.

A good strategy is paramount in Crystal Wars: Blood Field, the ability to develop skills and collect items according to your preferred combat tactics make Crystal Wars one of the games that truly challenges your ability to strategies.

The graphics of the game is really great. The further you progress in the game the harder it gets, it’s challenging and fun. Multiplayer is a nice touch, you are able to play against real opponents on the network and become the best of the best (which is hard because there are some great players). Crystal War: Blood Field is unique game and if your a fan of action strategic games then you will love it.

App Details

Title: Crystal War: Blood Field

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Games

Developer: Digitalfrog

Crystal War Blood Field [LIMIT] - Digitalfrog


▶ Build an unstoppable army!
16 units compose the human army, from simple workman to swordsmen, elven allies, and heavy artillery. The 13 units which make up the goblin army provide a formidable force to be reckoned with, including goblins, trolls, and the terrifying Balrog. Each unit offers its own set of characteristics and abilities.

▶True strategy!
The variety of units and the ability to develop skills and collect items according to your preferred combat tactics make Crystal War: Blood Field one of the only games which truly challenges your ability to strategize.

▶Play against other real-world opponents!
You asked, we delivered! Not only does Crystal War: Blood Field offer a variety of modes of play in single player mode, you can now play against real life opponents across our network. Choose unlimited mode or rivalry mode, and set your own objectives!

▶See how your skills stack up!
Test your prowess against real opponents, rack up achievements, and check your rankings. Crystal War: Blood Field is also OpenFeint enabled.

▶Get swept away!
The combination of RPG elements and RTS is an explosive, addictive experience. Players will be captivated by the need to improve, finesse, and expand their strategies in order to ensure complete victory. Crystal War: Blood Field is a gaming experience like none other.