Piggy Woggy iOS Puzzle Game With a Twist

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

Piggy Woggy is undoubtedly a very unique iOS puzzle game. Match the jewels to avoid the big bad wolves making a meal out of your romance couple, Piggy and Pinny. Match 3 is the aim of avoiding Woogies(wolves), to get pass each level, players will have to neutralize the canine threat by dislodging wolves through well planned 3-matches or using special weapons like the oil slick, jumble, and freeze features.

With two modes, story and infinite, consisting of 100 levels combine, Piggy Woggy lets you have a few hours of gameplay. Tactics and patience is needed to complete each level. Piggy Woggy is quite challenging to complete, it took me 5 minutes to complete level one in story mode. But I love a challenge, if your like me and don’t like your puzzle games simple, then Piggy Woggy is worth a try. The kids will love this game. The sound and graphics are great I enjoyed playing Piggy Woggy.

The price of $0.99 is just about right for PiggyWoggy. There is a lite version than will give you a chance to get a feel of the gameplay. That can be found HERE.

App Details

Title: PiggyWoggy

Price: $0.99 – £0.69p

Category: Games

Developer: Jdea Co

PiggyWoogy TM Fun - Jdea Co., Ltd.


*100 levels, each posing a greater challenge than the last!
*Exciting Infinite Mode in each Stage!
*Multiple Woogy types, requiring players to develop new strategies to progress
*Built in hint system
*Multiply points by deploying a variety of combos
*Detailed tutorial
*GameCenter integration, including leaderboards, and 40 achievements!