Zombie: The Rescue your Hostages Depend on you

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There is so much zombie games available in the App Store, but none compare to Zombie: The Rescue. Not only do you have to stay hidden you also have the hero task of rescuing hostages held by zombies. This is not the everyday zombie game were you go around shooting zombies, this game requires skills, tactics and a lot of patience.

Each stage is like an obstacle course, partial walls keep you hidden from the site of zombies and at the same time provides a main part of the game. Controlling your hero is simple, tap on your character and trace the route you want him to take. Complete each stage by thinking before you leap, collect cash and different items while you progress. The further you go the hard it becomes. You play at bit of now you see me now you don’t with your zombies but your main aim is to get those hostages to the exit. Each stage you complete is rewarded  with a star either 1, 2, 3. The amount of stars depends on the time you take to rescue your hostages and the amount of money you pickup you and getting a 3 star is obviously good.

The complexity of Zombie: The Rescue creates a great challenge. I like the initial start up of the game, it really sets the mode for a fantastic game. The price of $0.99 is cheap and for the great graphics tipped with the prefect sound, we are surprise it wasn’t priced higher. In the words of the developer, Gorgeous, edgy artwork accompanies this action-enhanced puzzle masterpiece, where you play the hero for the helpless and assassin for the undead.

App Details

Title: Zombie: The Rescue

Price: $0.99 – £0.69p

Category: Games

Developer: GOGN Entertainment

Zombie : The Rescue - GOGN Entertainment


•Each of the 60 challenging stages poses a puzzle—guide hysterical hostages to safety
•5 distinct environments provides the backdrop for 12 stages each
•Multiple zombie types require you to develop new strategies
•Not all hostages are alike! Your tactics must evolve to meet the needs of each of the zombies’ victims!
•Each scenario is unique—tiptoe out without bloodshed, or blast the zombies to smithereens, using your deadly item arsenal!
•GameCenter integration!