Compass Eye Professional Augmented Reality Compass for iPhone – Review (Giveaway)Update

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Update: Promo-codes have all been redeemed. Stay tune for more.

Compass Eye Marine Navigation and Bearings AR Compass was design to be the perfect aid navigation on sea, land or in air, plus its a perfect replacement for the iOS default compass.

If you don’t want the AR view then if you lay the iPhone flat you will be switched to a map mode another helpful feature. The app allows you to take up to three bearings. Collision, Transit and Clearance accompanied with different coloured bearing lines which can be drag. Prefect to help steer your yacht. A 8x zoom allow you to use the app as a binocular be it a not so great one but it is a nice touch.”Compass Eye is fully gimballed and works accurately in all orientations and angles, unlike most compass apps which only show the correct heading when held level and close to horizontal.”

Compass Eye seemed to be marketed towards sailor but the app can be use just about anywhere a compass would come in handy, flying, hiking, biking, just about anywhere you need to set  specific bearings. Compass Eye is universal, it can be use on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app is great, simple but very useful. Recommended replacement from the stock iOS compass app.

App Details

Title: Compass Eye – Marine Navigation and Bearings AR Compass

Price: $4.99 – £2.99p

Category: Navigation

Developer: Electric Pocket Limited

Compass Eye - Marine Navigation and Bearings AR Compass - Electric Pocket

How To Enter:

Compass Eye is available for $4.99 but here is your chance to win one of three copies.

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