Fraction Monkey: An Educational iOS Math Game For Kids

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Fraction Monkey is a fun and educational math game brought to you by Math Game Time and Word Game Time. Based on a concept of the angry birds app, kids will be able to work on math fractions and have fun at the same. It’s well known that kids are not big fans of maths and fractions are probably one of the worst (I know it is for my son). Fraction Monkey will make things a tad easier by letting the child have fun while practicing fractions.

The game starts off with a math fact for the child to solve. The aim is to add or subtract fractions and once it’s solved they will need to help the monkey catapult cupcakes at the correct answer. The questions start off easy but does become challenging the further you progress. I have to admit the app lets you really engage with your child, helping them work to solve the problems.

Mix with physics, accuracy and logic, parents and teachers will love Fraction Monkey Game. An app to keep the attention of the kids. Fun and interactive we like Fraction Monkey Game.


Does your child need help learning fractions? Fraction Monkey is here to help!

Fraction Monkey has been called “the educational Angry Birds for kids.”  It teaches kids valuable math skills while they play in a safe world.

– Launch flying cupcakes at the right answer to score big
– Explore 40 levels including the jungle, ocean and outer space
– Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions
– Answer math problems created by teachers

Children have so much fun they don’t even realize they’re practicing fractions. This is the perfect game for kids, parents and teachers!

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Title: Fraction Monkey – Math Games For Kids

Price: $2.99 – £1.99

Category: Education

Developer: Fila LLC

Fraction Monkey - Math Game for Kids - Math Game Time