iOS App Valentine Wishes Help’s you Express your Feelings To your Love One

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Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me it is so difficult to pick up a card for the love one, that expresses how I feel on that truly special day.

Well iOS app Valentine Wishes makes it a bit easier. The app lets you compete in four different games to earn points to unlock vibrant and beautifully worded digital Valentine’s Day cards which you can then send via email to the one you love. The four mini games are simple to play, fun and addictive. Earning points is easy, launch the app and select from games “Shoot it” where you must aim well to target flying balloons and fire your cupid arrows to burst them, “Catch it” is where you will need to catch fallen hearts using a cloud these hearts dropped by four angels of love, “Tap it” a multiplayer game where two players compete to see who can tap away every coloured block on screen first and “Stop it” is where you tap hearts that are dropped by angels, you must tap them before they yet the ground.

Mini game stop was the most difficult for me, I just could get the hand of it. So I found myself playing more of the other three games to get points. Of course if you don’t fancy playing any of the games and you want to get hold of the lovely cards, there is an in-app purchase that allow users to unlock all the cards but there’s no fun in that.

The more you play the more points you earn and in-turn the more romantic cards you unlock. Show your partner that you have got a sweet side with Valentine Wishes. The best thing of all, it’s free.

App Details

Title: Valentine Wishes

Price: FREE

Category: Games

Developer: Tenacioustec

Valentine Wishes - Tenacious Tech


Valentine Wishes is an innovative gaming extravaganza that lets players compete in games to earn points which can be traded in for vibrant digital Valentine’s Day cards they can send to that special someone this February. To unlock e-cards players compete in any one of the app’s four mini-games, unlock every possible romantic card, and spread the love! To boot, the iPad and iPhone versions of this seasonal mobile treat each offer two mini-games unique to their platform, ensuring that getting the app on each device is well worth it.

The games in this unique Valentine’s Day adventure are addicting enough to ensure that if players aren’t motivated to rack up points to unlock e-cards, they’ll play for the sheer fun of it. Both versions of the app offer two awesome games — Shoot It and Catch it — as well as two platform specific arcade adventures.

Valentine Wishes for iPhone offers Tap It, a multi-player game where two players compete to see who taps away every colored block on screen first, and Stop It, where players are challenged to tap hearts dropped on-screen by angels before they hit the ground.

Meanwhile, the iPad version of the app gives love struck gamers access to Throw it, where they must shoot hearts and pin them to a sledge, and Drop It, a fast paced adventure where gamers must catch hearts thrown into the water by mischievous angels by releasing boats below them at just the right time!

Both of the App’s shared games are just as fun. Shoot It lets players shoot heart shaped balloon before they fly away, while Catch It sees players catch hearts dropped off by cupid and his friends before they hit the ground.

The points players rack up in these games allow them to unlock one beautiful Valentine’s Day card after another — which they can send to those they love via email in seconds. Find the games too hard to beat? No worries, as Valentine Wishes for the iPhone allows users to unlock all the cards they want to use without even playing with a simple in-app purchase! Furthermore, the iPhone version of the app lets users create custom Photo cards right from their phone too.

This Valentine’s Day, show that special someone you care by simply having a blast on your iOS device with Valentine Wishes!