Jeffy’s World An Educational iPad App for Kids (Review)

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Every child gets to a point in their lives where they start asking a lot of questions. Kids are curious about everything and anything. It’s in their nature. But luckily Jeffy’s World HD for iPad is here to help with those little questions that you wouldn’t expect your 5+ year old to be asking. Questions like, “Why do we have day and night? Why is the winter cold and summer warm? Why is the moon sometimes shaped like a banana?” These are questions that a lot of parents would have to hit the search engines for.

“Jeffy is a funny, but a little pigheaded character that needs your help. By helping Jeffy, you discover how time, seasons and the movement of the world are interrelated. The Jeffy-series teaches children the stuff they want -or need- to know in a fun and interactive way. It helps parents to answer their children’s’ questions and enables them to play and learn together.”

Slide the sun across the sky and watch the earth goes from day to night, notice that as you change from one season to the next the sun is closer or further away, this is why the temperature rises and falls!

The app interface is great, the animations are a nice touch to get kids learning quickly and easy. The sound fits prefect with the app and is somewhat relaxing. I did however took a minute or two to get a grasp with the app but that was before I went to “how to play” section that gave me enough details to get going.

Jeffy’s World HD is a unique must have app for kids and it is highly recommended by us. Check the trailer below.

App Details

Title: Jeffy’s World HD

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Education

Developer: Qlvr

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