Rune A Simple Puzzle Game for iOS That’s Not so Simple (Review)

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Every now and again we come across an iOS puzzle game that is unique, have an amazing gameplay and fun. Rune is just that. With two modes classic and blitz your object is to put rune pieces in right order by moving them around. It all gets challenging because players will have a limited number of moves to put the runes into place. With 40 levels in the classic mode, and a limited number of moves at each level you will have a hard time getting bore. The Blitz Game consist of randomly chosen puzzle of three shapes, limited time, but unlimited moves, Only 45 seconds for solving the first puzzle, +10 seconds each level solved.

Rune starts off fairly easy but gets difficult the further you progress. I’m currently stuck at level 8 but the readers of iPhoneGlance knows I like a challenge. The idea of what you need to do on your initial start of the game is a bit vague but you will quickly get the hang of what needs to be done.

The graphics for a free game is top spec. The gameplay is absolutely unique and fun. We love Rune, a puzzle game with an difference. The only annoying thing is the App Store description does not give the app much justice. If a user went to download the app they wouldn’t be able to tell how great it is from the description. All in all Rune is worth a download, plus it’s free so you have nothing to lose. Give it ago.

App Details

Title: Rune

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Red Winter Software

Rune - Red Winter Software Limited