Snap2PDF – Document Management Made Easy

If you are busy at your work, then you must be familiar with the following situation- your desk is covered with papers, documents and email printouts and the things that could cover even your keyboard and mouse, to keep you struggling throughout the day. Let me suggest a solution to improve this situation.

Snap2PDF is an iPhone app that helps professionals to manage all their documents in a convenient way. After installing this app, all the users need to do is take a snap of it and let this app save it as a PDF file. There is also a portable scanner to scan the entire content in the document and transfer it to the iPhone. I don’t think document management can get any easier than this. This app can be used for print outs, coupons, business cards, receipts and newspaper clippings

Some of the interesting features of Snap2PDF:

Easy search: Scanned documents can be searched by keywords, document name and description.

OCR technology: Snap2PDF has Penpower’s exclusive state of art OCR technology to recognize the text of 21 languages.

Anti-shake: Image clarity is important for accurate character recognition. With the anti-shake feature, Snap2PDF ensures clarity in images.

Simple upload: If the users have a lot of documents, it won’t be possible to store them all inside the iPhone. Snap2PDF let them upload to Cloud storage.

Easy mailing: When the soft copy of the document is not available for mailing, users can easily make one with Snap2PDF and mail it from the app.

Snap2PDF is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S and it requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app costs USD 3.99. Snap2PDF works well for me and helps me maintain an organized desk. If you find those organizing skills are hard to master, get Snap2PDF for the job.