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Guess what? The 84th Academy Awards are live this Sunday, 26th February and if you are an Oscars fan looking for something that exercises your brain neurons rather than watching all those prediction shows out there, get Movie Awards Trivia for some fun me time.

The app as the name suggests is a trivia based app that comes with almost 1000 multiple choice questions that will put your Oscars skills to test. The best part is it that it almost covers nine decades of Oscars history and comes with some cool graphics of your favorite stars.

To begin with, you are directly taken to a screen which says ‘Start Game’, in my opinion the developer could have put in a better first screen as I feel its not up to par with other similar movie trivia apps present in the app store. You can also have filters set to select questions from a particular period as I said earlier, the app covers almost nine decades of Oscars history. The other filters available are Best Actor, Actress, Picture or you can just select Play All.
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Once you’ve selected your filter, you are presented with multiple choice questions covering award nominations / winners. There is an option to enlarge pictures that accompany your choices but none to download them. You can even share the questions with your Facebook friends or even by e-mail but there is no multi-player option or even a universal scoreboard accompanying the quiz.

The other major talking point of the app are the 4000 images of movie stars that this app comes with. You can view slideshows of these movie stars but there did not seem to be a download or share option with these images and slideshows. The slideshow section also comes with filters for viewing images from a particular era and so on.

The Movie Awards Trivia is something fresh out there in the App store which is right now flooded with live Oscars apps from almost everyone THR, official Oscars app, E!, all have got them. If you are a movie buff, get this app, you will have a good time.

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Movie Awards Trivia iPhone App