The Real DJ – Rhythm Game for iOS, Find Out How Good of a DJ You Are (Review)

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Got a inner DJ waiting to break out then you might want to grab The Real DJ – Rhythm Game for your iOS. Ranked 1st place in over ten countries in the music game category, The Real DJ is a fast paced, fun and addictive game that you can play anywhere at anytime. Familiar with Tap Tap Revenge for iPhone, well The Real DJ – Rhythm Game is much cooler plus you have the option to select your own music from your device playlist. There is also a really cool feature, the app analyzes low data of the selected music and create notes automatically.

Launch the app, choose your music, wait for loading and analyzing data and then off you go, tap until your heart’s content. An awesome app like this you would expect to pay at least a dollar, but no It’s FREE. Share your high-score on Twitter and Facebook. The app is absolutely easy to get a hang of, you will be the king of the decks in no time. The Real DJ – Rhythm Game as accomplished some pretty unique features that no other music game as managed to.

The Real DJ – Rhythm Game is an amazing app and we love it. What are you waiting for, the app is free. Why not send us you high-score @iphoneglance so we can see if you can handle the challenge.

App Details

Title: The Real DJ – Rhythm Game

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Float32 Inc

The Real DJ - Rhythm Game - Float32 Inc