Oh My Nuts is an Addictive Game for iOS (Review)

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People seem to have a thing for touch and drag games, there seem to be a lot of fun cannoning an object across your device screen to complete a task. The newly released game Oh My Nuts sticks greatly on the concept of the popular iOS game Angry Birds but is definitely unique in it’s own right.

Oh My Nuts has 4 chapters and each chapters consist 15 levels. To complete each level, players have to help the squirrel reach the nuts. With the help of is trusty friend “piggles” the pig,  the squirrel will accomplished is task. The squirrel climbs into piggles mouth and players will need to aim the pig right so that he spits him across the screen to grab the acorn. For bonus points you can grab three stars on the way. But it is not as easy as it might seem, because there will be obstacles in your path. “Floating logs and spirited birds blocks the way”. You will want to avoid these obstacles.

Oh My Nuts is very addictive, even though collecting the stars are only for bonus points and it doesn’t affect wether or not you progress to the next level, I find myself replaying levels just to collect all. More than 50 levels will give you a long gameplay. Great game to play on the train ride to work. For the awesomeness, the clean graphics, the reasonable price and amazing gameplay, Oh My Nuts gets four star rating from us.

App Details

Title: Oh My Nuts

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Gara Entertainments

Oh My Nuts - Gara Entertainments

App Store Description


Oh My Nuts takes the notion of wacky arcade action to a whole other level. A strategic touch & drag shooting adventure in the spirit of modern mobile classics like Angry Birds, Oh My Nuts challenges gamers to complete one simple mission to complete each level: Aim their pot-bellied pig – squirrel in mouth – just right so that he spits him clear across the screen onto an acorn floating on the other side, and grabbing up to three available bonus stars while he’s at it.

There’s just one catch, the path is anything but all clear for our little air-bound nut loving hero! Floating logs and mean spirited birds block the way. Hit them and it’s game over…….at least until you decide to restart the level and try again.


★ Retina Display
★ 60 Challenging Levels with more soon to be added!
★ Levels spread across 4 unique country background: Brazil, France, Japan, and the U.S!
★ Smooth, vibrantly animated Cartoon Graphics
★ Addicting “Drag, Aim, & Shoot!” Gameplay.
★ Advanced in-game Physics Engine.
★ Responsive Touch & Drag controls w/ trajectory aiming help.