8 Unusual Uses for the iPhone 4S

No smartphone has been more divisive in recent years than the Apple iPhone. Is it a waste of money, or is it a worthwhile investment? Well, we’re not going to attempt to answer that important question. What we are going to do is provide you with a bunch of suggestions for iPhone apps that are sometimes fun, sometimes useful, and often a little bit silly – to help you get the most out of your iPhone 4S. When Android fans criticise your pride and joy, tell them that the 4S it not just a phone, it’s also a…

1. Baby Monitor

Yup, that’s right – you don’t need to trudge down to Fisher-Price or Mothercare if you’re a proud iPhone 4S owner. Just download CodeGoo’s Baby Monitor app and it’ll alert you by phone call when it detects any sound or movement.

2. Car Key

You’ll never have to spend embarrassing lengths of time fiddling around in your handbag (or deep pockets) looking for car keys again when you download the Viper SmartStart application, which lets you control your car’s locks, trunk and alarm remotely.

3. Spirit Level

“Where’s my spirit level?” has probably been said far too many times by British men on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Make Doing It Yourself that little bit easier with the iHandy Level app.

4. DJ Deck

If there’s one kind of Jockey we’ve all wanted to be, it’s probably a Disc Jockey. Download the Mix Deck application on your iPhone and scratch your way to superstardom. Or just annoy people on the bus – we imagine they’re both pretty fun.

5. Piece of Bubble Wrap

Pop. Pop. Pop. Wait, wait, this one looks like it’s going to be a big one – pop. Yes, this is what you could spend all your days doing on your iPhone with the Bubble Wrap app. Need we say more?

6. Endurance Tester

An app that records how long you can hold your finger on a button for – and even stores your best times – well, how did you ever live without it? It sounds like a joke, but you’ll soon find yourself boasting to mates about how many hours you endured this app for.

7. Guitar Tuner

So you’re at a party and decide to show off on the guitar – except that it sounds like fighting alley cats. Don’t worry – just whip out the Guitar Toolkit on your iPhone, tune up the strings, and you’ll be playing Led Zeppelin in no time.

8. Hand-warmer

Download the Hands Heater application for a toasty treat in winter – it heats up the iPhone by using all the onboard processes. Obviously this eats up the battery, but when you’ve got warm hands, who cares, right?

If all that doesn’t convince you that the iPhone 4S is an essential piece of kit, then you’re probably James Bond. Come on, even Q would be impressed by some of this stuff!