Learn To Count HD is a Fun Interactive Way to Teach Kids To Count

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It’s a known fact that kids learn better when songs or rhymes are involved in their teaching and they are having fun. That’s what they do at play school and my son comes home everyday with a new song or nursery rhyme of some sort. When he came across Learn To Count HD on my iPad he was truly amazed. I think his initial thoughts were I don’t need to go to nursery, but then he remembered his friends.

Learn To Count HD teaches kids to count in a fun and interactive way. Packed with some well put together rhymes and great songs the app is the ultimate tool to educate the little ones in numbers. Not only does the app teaches kids to count but also help them to gain some valuable multiplication skills. The app comes with 7 activities that will immediately grasp your child with it’s vibrant colours and great narrating.

The great thing about Learn To Count HD is the simplicity, and this is important for kids to focus on the app itself. For instance navigating through the app is only the buttons that you use to enter the activities. There is a “More” button that takes you to the developers website which showcase the different apps they have to offer.

People tend to forget that the iPad isn’t just for checking emails, browsing the web or playing games, it’s also a great educational tool and Learn To Count HD is a great example of this. Overall, Learn To Count HD is a fun and useful app, that teaches kids the basics of number counting and some fundamental skills for multiplication. There is really no better way for kids to learn counting than through rhymes and songs. Learn To Count HD is at a discounted price of $0.99 – £0.69 for a limited time, so grab it while you can.

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Title: Learn To Count HD

Price: $0.99 – £0.69 for a Limited time

Category: Games

Developer: Pixel Interactive

Learn To Count HD - Pixel Interactive

App Store Description

What better way for childen to learn counting than through rhymes and songs. This cheerful and heart-warming collection will get every children learning to count.

Hidden from children who are having fun singing or reciting is the pedagogy that lays the foundation for multiplication skills. While children are counting in two’s and three’s, they are actually learning to multiply without realising it!

Another educational triumph from the learning team at Little Learning Tots and A-Star! Cute rhymes, upbeat songs, what more can you ask for? Download now and watch your children learn to count!

– Counting fun with rhymes and songs
– Cute, colourful and upbeat songs and activities
– Learn ONE MORE concept through an intuitive activity
– Foundation for multiplication skills

– One, Two, Boo!
– One, Two, Boo Again!
– Counting Fun
– Counting in Two’s
– Counting in Three’s
– One More, Please
– The Number Rumba

Visit www.littlelearningtots.com for more educational apps and resources!

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