The Drop Out – An Addictive Physics Based iPhone Game you Will Love

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=5]

The Drop Out by Digital Pokes Labs IT Solutions is a physics-based game where you have a great task at hand. Your aim is to rescue the cute Furries by shooting Boos in the right position, deducting or earning points in the process. Tap and drag your Boo, release to fire and hopefully hit the furries off the platform.

With The Drop Out we get a feel of Angry Birds but unique in it’s own right.  With 4 episodes each containing 30 levels, and a new obstacle in each level you will have a lot of gameplay. Initially, you will think it’s an easy game to get around, but how wrong you would be. The further you progress the more challenging it gets. You will need to meet or exceed the points of each level but the Boos you use for knocking furries off deduct you at least 5 points. Those furries you knock off do however earn you points, those points depends on each individual furrie. Tapping on a furrie reveals the points value. Collecting stars through each level is important, as they help with unlocking the other game packs.

I’ve been playing for at least half an hour and only mange to get to level 8 of the first episodes and had to give up because I wouldn’t get anything done if I’d continued. It shows you just how much hours of gameplay is available with The Drop Out.

The sound effects are great, when you fire a furrie they go flying across your screen making a “whii” sound, which is fun. The game’s background sound has a tropical feel to it which I really like. The graphics are also top speck for an app that’s only  $0.99 – £0.69

The Drop Out is challenging, entertaining and down right fun. You will get hours of gameplay. Prefect for those long train or bus journeys. I really like The Drop Out and hope it gets the popularity it so deserves, within the app there is a tab that says “more levels soon”, which is very promising. Watch out Angry Birds you might get a run for your money with this app.

App Details

Title: The Drop Out

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Digital Poke Labs IT Solutions


App Store Description

The Furrie little creatures are stuck and they need help! Grab a Boo in this thrilling physics world and drop them to safety but beware the Evil Furries have a plan of their own.

✪ “Challenging, frustrating, looks fantastic. Everything a great iOS game should be.” – ✪
✪ “Cute Meets Tough In This Knock Down Game Of Physics” – ✪
✪ “Drop Out est un adorable jeu de réflexion, beau et intelligent. Il fait travailler les méninges sans jamais nous faire abandonner.” – ✪
✪ “Już dawno nie grałem w tak przyjemną grę puzzle jak Drop Out.” ✪ –

Drop Out lets you travel through various environments to rescue your little buddies. It uses physics-based gameplay which combines gravity, friction and collision to deliver a fantastic experience. Creative elements combined with challenging levels deliver an outstanding gameplay.

Choose one of the many unique abilities of Boos to aim and drop the Good Furries. Evil Furries have a nasty bite and its best to avoid them. Each level is unique and will test your timing, logic, skill and force.

Will you rise to the occasion or will you wait for the world domination?

● Features ●

✔ Amazing Episodes: Float through space, Surf the Ice, Fly in Heaven or Gear up in the factory
✔ Interact with new objects in every episode
✔ 4 Episodes with 120 Unique Levels will keep you addicted
✔ Lose yourself in the realistic physics environment
✔ Complete Achievement & Challenge friends through Gamecenter