TouchLook HD For iPad 2 – A Revolutionary Way to Edit Photos

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Not often you come across an app that’s built solely for the iPad 2, and when you do, your thoughts are, this must be unique and special. TouchLook HD for iPad 2 is just that.

TouchLook HD for iPad by Colortive Co is the revolutionary and unique way to edit photos using just the iPad 2 touch screen. If you  take a photo you know that not all images comes out the best and every now and again you will need to edit them to be prefect. Personal photos you take are for memory purposes and you want them to look great from the first snap (sometimes impossible), so you can share it with families and friends. You would usually head to your Mac or PC and start editing, but not anymore TouchLook HD for the iPad 2 does all the editing needed right from your iPad 2.

Everyone knows that taking a photo with your iPad isn’t the best but because of the large screen and the multi-touch abilities it’s the prefect tool for editing photos. Coupled with an amazing app like TouchLook HD your photo editing capabilities are limitless. Normally you would use sliders to adjust RGB (Red-Green-Blue) and HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) values not with TouchLook HD, it places triangles, circles and rectangles on your photo to adjust these values. This might be a little bit of a task for some because sliders would be the most obvious way for adjustments. But I guess that’s where the uniqueness of the app is.

The features are all available and if need be there is a handy manual to teach you all about what you can do in RGB, HSL and BMW mode. TouchLook HD for the iPad 2 is a revolutionary and fun way to edit your photos. Grab it and see what effects and contrast you can put on your personal photos. The app even allows you to share all your finish work via Twitter, Facebook and email.

App Details

Title: TouchLook HD

Price: $2.99 – £1.99

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Colortive


App Store Description

Photo-editing has finally been optimized for touchscreen practicality. Perfect your photos with the only photo-editing application built for touchscreens from the ground up.

TOUCHLOOK HD for iPad revolutionizes the way users edit and enhance their personal photos by utilizing the unique capabilities of the iPad. This unique new UI is incredibly versatile and intuitive. Share your images via SNS, or save them to your device memory.

Perform all of photo adjustments, including…

– Red
– Green
– Blue
– Hue
– Saturation
– Lightness
– Shadows
– Mid-tone (Gamma)
– Highlight
– Creates vignette!

Experience the revolutionary new TOUCHLOOK HD interface, which has been optimized for photo-editing with the iPad. Easily save and share images via email, Twitter, and Facebook.