Help Purple For iPhone is A Great Adventure Game

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Help Purple the unique and cool adventure game developed by Gameday Inc, is an absolute fun to play. Help the little purple, adorable critter clear stages by completing challenging and creative puzzles. In the land of the rainbow gods, each colour of the rainbow is represented by a little singled eyed critter, that’s so cute you want to cuddle them. But the little things have been captured by the huge monster, all but one, Purple. Explore the environment and help him rescue is little friends.

The goal is simple , the path to the exit is either hidden, blocked or not accessible. Explore the area with slide or tap and you will eventually uncover the puzzle. You’ll have to move items and try combining them with a different area to clear or create your path, sound confusing? I assure you it isn’t. it’s just really challenging. When you’ve managed to get to one of your rainbow friends you will need to rescue it from whatever entrapment the “Huge Monster” created. Purple’s own power is to absorb other powers, so once you rescue your friend you’ll acquire it’s colour power.

Help Purple is not so much an action adventure game but more like a puzzle adventure one. You will spend minutes trying to figure out what matches what and what goes where. Help Purple is not no typical puzzle game that gives players the same thing over and over. Each mystery or stage is unique and nothing is similar to the previous one.

The app has some vibrant colours and the graphics are absolutely stunning. The design is well though through and nothing on the App Store can compare. The game is just fun to play, you might even find yourself looking at the iPhone screen and not even playing it. The sound is relaxing and just right. Up for some fun and some challenge, grab Help Purple normal price is $1.99 but you can grab it now for $0.99 as part of a pre-launch sale.

App Details

Title: Help Purple

Price: $1.99 but on sale at $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Gameday

Help Purple - gameday Inc.

App Store Description

Help Purple is a unique, imaginative adventure that delights with its creativity as it challenges players with its creative puzzles. Explore’s Purple’s environment to help Purple clear each stage, rescuing his friends from the ravenous Huge Monster as he goes.

Purple is one of the adorable little rainbow gods of Arcus—each has a unique power. But only Purple managed to escape Huge Monster’s rampage. He’ll have to make sense of eacb stage’s one of a kind puzzle to proceed, combining items and exercising the powers he absorbs from his friends as he frees them from Huge Monster’s greedy clutches.

Each of the game’s mysteries presents a whimsical new challenge to solve, making “Help Purple” perfect to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time. Beautiful design, superior art direction, and personality to spare make Help Purple as soothing and pleasant as it is challenging.

★★★Top 10 Game in the Adventure and Family Category

■ Game Features
▷ Help Purple!
You’ll be serving as Purple’s problem solver, exploring his world via touch (and giving Purple a tickle now and then, too).
▷ Evaluate, Analyze, and Solve
Each stage is a new challenge—identify what Purple needs to accomplish, figure out how to carry it out, collect the necessary items, and put the pieces together to help Purple move forward!
▷ Evolve as You Progress
Each of the rainbow gods has its own ability—and Purple’s ability is to be able to absorb his friends’ powers. Each time you rescue a new Arcus friend, you’ll also obtain its ability. You’ll be able to utilize fire, magnetism, light, and many other skills along your journey.
▷ Mini Games Galore!
Purple will face peculiar bosses and obstacles throughout gameplay that perform as minigames, offering some action to balance the game’s focus on puzzles.
▷ A Game Within A Game: Collection
Keep your eyes peeled for the adorable collection items that flash on the screen throughout gameplay. Catch these tiny cuties with a touch and add to your personal collection—some are very rare!
▷ Complete Your Collection Through Trades
The trade menu lets you barter your collected minis with players around the world! Winning Help Purple is only the beginning—you never know when you’ll stumble upon a precious new collector’s find.