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App Toolkit is the ultimate productivity application. With 100 mini apps rolled into one, you might not need to have any other applications on your iPhone. You will find just about anything and everything within the app, from PDF reader & scanner, to battery monitor, to altimeter, to alarm clock, to spell checker, just to name a few. It is unbelievable, App Toolkit works and works prefect at that.

Once you open the app you’ll have a choice of three vibrant themes to choose from, a cool blue theme, a pink one preferably for the ladies and a dark looking theme. App Toolkit allows you to create your personal list of mini apps so you will be able to have an easy access to your favourite. The 100 apps are group into seven categories which makes it even more easier for a user to find exactly what they need.

The application is well put together, the user interface reacts prefect to every touch and swipe. The graphics are of high quality and the nice sound effect is just right.

App Toolkit 100 in 1 have been around for a while but it has been improved immensely due to users making suggestions of what to include with-in the app. The popularity keeps growing and probably won’t stop for now. Check the description below to see the extensive list of mini apps available with-in the app.

You get all of 100 apps for a price of £0.69 – $0.99. When we say that it’s worth it, don’t just take my word for it, read the numerous of positive app store reviews that App Toolkit 100 in 1 as already receive. App Toolkit 100 in 1 picks up a five star from us because it’s deserves it.

App Details

Title: App Toolkit

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software


App Toolkit - 100 in 1 - Kdan Mobile Software LTD

App Store Description

All about Convenience!
Apptoolkit-100 in 1 has been listed as one of the most popular all-in-one apps in the app store ever since it was introduced. Apptoolkit-100in 1 provides 100 useful mini apps with various purposes to suit your need, and has been continuously updated to improve user experiences.

Upon opening the app, App Toolkit-100 in 1 presents three different themes for you to choose from. The UI enables you to create your personal app list that shows the mini apps at your own choice. App Toolkit-100 in 1 makes it easy for you to find the apps you want by precisely classifying the mini apps into seven distinct categories.
★Business, Utility, Measure, Life Tools, Entertainment, Language and Web Tools★

For the price of one, App Toolkit-100 in 1 delivers to you 100 amazingly useful mini apps. App Toolkit-100 in 1 makes your money go just a little bit further.

1.PDF Reader & Scanner (large file support)
2.Virtual MIC Pro
3.Business Name Card
4.Camera Zoom Pro
5.Currency Exchange
6.Big Notes Pro (note, journal, and diary)
7.Unit Converter
8.Password Manager
9.Walk and Text
10.Secure Wallet
11.Schedule Reminder
12.Speed Dial
13.Card Holder

1.Battery Monitor
2.System Monitor
3.Handy Level
4.Party Lighter
5.Service Bell
6.Thief Alarm
7.Police Sound
8.Fake Call
9.Fake Text
10.Fake Miss Call
11.Fake Alerts
13.Baby’s Name

2.BAC Calculator
3.BMI Tracker
5.Digital Scale Pro
7.Tap Counter
8.Tip Calculator

★Life Tools★
1.Alarm Clock Pro
2.Cocktails Recipes
3.Flashlight Pro
4.Find My Car
5.Find My Location
6.Female Calendar
7.Holiday & Event
8.Shopping List Pro
9.Zip Code
10.Scribble Pen
11.Food Calories
14.My Strobe
15.My Radio
17.Night Vision
19.Sleep Aid
20.Cook Timer

1.Balance Ball
2.Classical Dart
3.Dice Shaking
4.Electric Shaver
5.Flip Coins
7.Push Beer
8.Random Number
9.Relax Music
10.Mini Piano
11.Guitar Tuner
12.Top Noise
14.Air Horn
16.Reaction Time
17.Voodoo Doll
18.Button Blast
19.Vocal Zoo
20.Drum Kit

1.Spell Check Pro (dictionary)
3.Chinese Wordbook
4.Spanish Wordbook
5.Japanese Wordbook
6.German Wordbook
7.Italian Wordbook
8.French Wordbook

★Web Tool★
1.MultiTab Browser
2.Facebook Tool
3.Google Book
4.Google Doc
6.Google News
7.Google Reader
8.Google Talk
9.Google Plus
10.Google Calendar
12.Google Latitude
13.Twitter Tool
14.Rss Reader

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