Voltage a Unique Puzzle Game for your iPhone and iPad

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Every now and again you might come across a unique puzzle game on the App Store, well if you haven’t found Voltage for the iPhone/iPad yet, then let us bring it to your attention. The objective is to complete a high voltage circuit. You do this by connecting the left and right side of the puzzles with different types of blocks. Blocks which you will be able to choose where they go, by moving and turning them, then swipe down on the device screen to drop into place. The developer explains it perfectly, “the gameplay is reminiscent of Tetris but is more addictive as it requires more thinking.” And that is so true, if you love tetris you will love Voltage.

There are four game modes, story mode which consist of 68 level that you unlock as you go along, time limit where you solve the circuit against the clock, unlimited mode where you can take as long as you want and block limit.

The game as some amazing graphics and the sound is fantastic. With so much different game modes there is a lot of hours of gameplay. There is Openfeint integrated to share your high scores. Voltage is a great app and it’s free, so grab it while you can.

App Details

Title: Voltage

Price: Free

Category: Game

Developer: Boolba Labs

Voltage - Boolba Labs, LLC

App Store Description

This is a new well-polished casual game with a unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. The game is styled in a dieselpunk theme inspired by Bioshock. The gameplay is reminiscent of Tetris but is even more addictive as it requires more thinking.

Build the high voltage circuit and watch it disappear in colourful sparks of tameless electricity. Race against the ticking timer or relax in unlimited mode. Compete with other players through OpenFeint scoring system.

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“Voltage” is a true challenge of wit and ingenuity. Try it and see what you are capable of.