GiftBox iPhone App Review

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I was always looking for some kind of website that would log all the products and gifts I purchased, or wanted to purchase; now I believe I have found not a website but an app. During Christmas, the wife and I will go out and scour through town for Christmas presents. We had several gifts we had to buy for several people.

It was important that we did not get too many gifts for one child and not enough for the other, so I began writing up a list and scrawled down what we got Tommy, identified that we needed more for Mellissa and so on and on. Then I created a list for the adults, all in all there were about 25 people, half were kids and half adults.

Trying to juggle what to get for whom was a nightmare and attempting to remember what was on the list that we had for one child and did we need to buy more. GiftBox really came to the rescue. This little app allowed us to create a list of presents I wanted for myself and put them on Facebook (I only sent to family not all friends). Then we created a list of gifts we had purchased for each of the family. They would in turn send us their wish lists and we would create a list of gifts purchased for them.

We have a big wedding coming up in July and there will be time for GiftBox to kick into action again then. The bride and groom will send us their wish-list. They simply scan the gifts they want and detailed product information is displayed on the GiftBox list. The app even identifies retailers with the best price, and can add said retailer to any of your GiftBox lists with the click of a button.

The feature I loved however was the linked feature. For example, when my birthday was coming up, my two sisters asked me for a wish list. I sent them one (via Facebook) but then a week later I saw that golf club I always wanted and added it to list. The golf club was automatically linked to their lists and updated straight away. In fact they had received notification via the “Linked User” feature that I had added a new item.

They were both so please as I had given them little choice in my original wish list so this addition was pleasing for them. Previously without GiftBox I would have had to write my wish list on a piece of paper, hand them out and any additions would have needed a phone call to all said parties and then hope they add the new item on the list.

App Details

Title: GiftBox

Price: Free

Category: Utilities

Developer: Invert Logistics

App Store Description

GiftBox lets you create gift lists where they belong; with your friends and family.

Designed to bridge the gap between your social and shopping life, GiftBox redefines the wish list! By creating your lists in GiftBox, gift information is available to you and your social network, through Facebook.

•Create a list for yourself.
•Create lists for wedding and baby registries.
•Create lists for family members not using GiftBox (children, grandparents, etc.).

With the ‘Linked User’ feature, users add items to the same list and the list becomes visible to both user’s friends and family. No need to manage multiple lists on multiple retailer web site! No need to email list to your friends and family for gift idea!

With the GiftBox mobile app, you can scan product barcodes to return detailed product information, identify retailers with the best price, and add to any of your GiftBox lists with the click of a button. If a barcode is not available, take a picture of the item, enter details, and it’s saved to your list.