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Imagine putting your message, photo or video and leaving lying around in a virtual bubble, well that’s igobubble. Creating an igobubble is easy enough. Simply snap away or video something or leave a text and then follow it as it spreads around the world. In my Facebook account I can leave a text status message and apart from knowing how many people actually liked the status, and subsequently clicked on like, I will have no idea how many people actually read the status.

Igobubble helps to keep track of who’s carrying your bubbles and where in the world they are right now. What a great idea. It’s nice to see how many are following the scent you have left behind. It gives you something more defined in social media. Apart from the wonder of knowing the who, what and where one’s bubbles get around to, it can get really exciting if your bubble grows and then divides, multiplies and can even go viral! My goodness, you can actually start to feel like a pregnant fish that has spawned its eggs and is now able to follow those spawn around the pond. And not only that but how many offspring your children have had. This wonderful new evolutionary social networking concept is, of course, all performed in a virtual computing fashion, naturally!

You can release your bubbles anywhere you want. Your bubbles can also shrink. Should nobody decide to share your bubble it may end up dying prematurely. So it is probably wise to generate as much interest as possible in your bubble. Make a good video, have it so that it is funny and include cute animals doing strange things. There is always that chance your video will go viral. Watch how quickly they spread and follow their progress.

You can go somewhere new – perhaps a fun fair or to leisure theme park. Take a video of you and your friends at the park, and then leave your bubble to get picked up by tomorrow’s visitors. Maybe a great night out at your local bar, drink and be merry and leave your bubble by placing it there. When the bar opens the next day igobubble users can check it out and if they feel the need to share, then the world’s your bubble!

igobubble is a unique and fun app, a revolutionary way of social networking. The app is available on the App Store for Free, you have nothing to lose give it go.

App Details

Title: igobubble

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: igobubble limited

igobubble - igobubble

App Store Description

Take a message, photo, video, or song and put it in a virtual bubble. Drop it anywhere for your friends or other people to find it. Leave private or public bubbles. See who touches them. Track where they go. See how far they travel and how quickly they spread.

Igobubble is the only evolutionary app in the world … we’re talking Darwin here. Your bubbles can grow, shrink, divide, pop, and go completely viral.

Bubbles are invisible to the naked eye, but they can be anywhere. Once you download igobubble a whole new layer of virtual content is there for you to discover and create.


Drop bubbles anywhere. Promote your band. Leave cute love messages. Leave bubbles to mark your territory, or commemorate things that happened at certain places.

 Check out other peoples’ bubbles. Help them stay alive!