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I downloaded CookieCoo Dancing Star on my iPad 2 and whenever my sister’s two youngest girls come around they are both fighting each other to play the app. The CookieCoo Dancing Star shows the little darlings how to play along and interact with this busy app. The girls will sing along at the top of their voices too and many a time we have had to ask them to pipe down a little.

It keeps them occupied with a wide variety of different songs. The songs are all popular and educational tunes and there is a wide variety of instruments they can select from. My sister said that one day she would like to get her two little urchins to learn an instrument. Maybe a guitar, piano or violin; CookieCoo Dancing Star certainly encourages to that end and at an early age too, it’s the best time!

There is also a neat little troupe of silly dancers (all of which tickled the girls). They would sometimes argue over which one to select, often wanting the same. The CookieCoo Dancing Star is made easy to the young ones to operate too. It really could be appropriate for little kids of any age from around three, I would say. Children can get used to some games and apps very quickly. Their tiny minds learn quickly and all too soon they master a game, get bored and move on. But with CookieCoo Dancing Star the app can play at differing difficulty levels, meaning your young ones will always be challenged.

Even if they are too young it is still possible for them to watch the silly dancers perform. There are plenty of songs on the CookieCoo Dancing Star and I believe there are even more on the way. So when your little ones become tired of the same old songs there are bound to be some new ones to enjoy in the next update.

The child-friendly interface is great and the watch only mode must be a godsend if you have a young toddler or baby who is not quite ready to play just yet but would marvel to watch. You will find as a parent singing along with some of the songs. I know we did and I thought I had forgotten all the words to Hokey Pokey, This is the Way We Wash Our Face, and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. We had great fun all around with the children with CookieCoo Dancing Star. CookieCoo Dancing Star is available on both iPhone and iPad for only $0.99

App Details

Title: CookieCoo Dancing Star

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: woongjin thinkbig

CookieCoo Dancing Star - ThinkCube

App Store Description

Entertain and educate little ones with this musically mesmerizing rhythm game sensation!

CookieCoo Dancing Star teaches kids to sing and play along with a variety of popular, educational children’s songs. With a variety of instruments to choose from, and a troupe of five cuddly, silly dancers to accompany the songs, children will fall in love with this game, and parents will too!

CookieCoo Dancing Star is designed to be easy for little hands to get the hang of, and is appropriate for a wide range of ages. Children can play at different difficulty levels, by themselves or with a parent, or they can simply enjoy watching the CookieCoo dancing stars dance and sing. There are plenty of popular songs to choose from, and many more are on the way!