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LearnEarly is an app that will become a great learning tool for your infant or toddler. It has educational qualities that will excite and thrill your child and leave them wiser. Simple shapes like squares, circles or triangles is where we all start when we are very young and LearnEarly starts just here. We than move on to colours with the primary colours of red, blue and green followed by the monochrome colours of black and white.

LearnEarly allows young children to learn sounds, key sounds of ten different musical instruments. When we took LearnEarly into pre-school the young children loved the musical instruments that made up the sounds. Each musical instrument comes with a sample sound, clearly designed to appeal to the younger audience. LearnEarly also has flashcards for each letter of the alphabet. Teaching methods from pre-school and nursery all the way up to university education has been about keeping the pupil interested.

Keeping pupils focused on learning is probably at its hardest when we are teaching toddlers. Young infants do tend to have a short attention span so holding their focus can be challenging in the least. The flashcards on the LearnEarly app have very colourful artwork and this will go a long way to thrill your toddler. The numbers will range from one to ten. Any more than that and we could be trying to run before we can walk with our little tykes.

LearnEarly works in such a fashion that we only need to get the youngster to tap on the screen and hear the pronunciation of the object. Let us say young Jimmy taps on the colour blue, the app will say “blue” and the repeated sound will make its way into Jimmy’s learning structure even at the earliest age.  Tap on the shape of a square, and your youngster will hear the audible pronunciation of the word. The same will apply for the triangle and circle too.

LearnEarly has a variety of learning tools and your young child will have plenty of flashcards, musical instruments and sounds, colours, numbers (from one to ten), basic shapes (like square, circle and triangle) and letters.

If your toddler is non-verbal or does not tend to use his or her mouth for much else save crying and eating then get them to work on LearnEarly and broaden their education. The best time in any human beings life is to learn early. The earlier the better – science has proved this. It is widely said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, while this may be true you can teach a toddler almost any thing you what.

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Title: LearnEarly

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Category: Education

Developer: Stephen Boyle

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