Quick Bob, An Hilarious Arcade Game For The iPhone – Video Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Quick Bob is probably the most hilarious iPhone game we have come across in a while. The app was developed in Ukraine and is especially great on your commute to and from work (for me anyway) or just one of those games you must have on your iPhone to kill time. Bob is the fellow who decides to get a pint of beer after a days work but he got a little more than he bargain for.

Players must help the unfortunate Bob avoid items such as snooker balls, flying fish, club workers and even sliding beers. This is done by tapping the arrows that are on screen that either direct Bob towards the objects or away from them. It’s a simple game and to be honest no tutorial is needed. Each move you make correctly earns you a point. If your not quick with your moves you will get hit by the objects mentioned and if you don’t pay attention to the club girls and hand them your cash then the bouncer will give you a smack with a bat.

The game does get harder the further you progress with the objects approaching faster and faster. The difficulty level can be adjusted with three to choose from easy, medium and hard. If you like the challenge then go straight for hard, if not then take it easy and progress  through the game, it is fun. There are only three lives to try and retain which makes it even a more interesting gameplay. We love the Game Center integration which allows you to share those high scores.

The apps graphics and sounds are just right, hilarious is the word that comes to mind when I start to play. Quick Bob comes with a lot of gameplay and it’s the prefect app to kill time. For only $0.99 Quick Bob is without a doubt worth every cent.

App Details

Title: Quick Bob

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Bob Adventurer

Quick Bob - Dosware LLC

App Store Description

Conveniently located in the cozy bar with friends, Bob decided to relax a bit after a hard day’s work… Bob decides to skip pair of beers and admire the beautiful ladies, and his anxious friends went to play billiards… But seems he would be unable to rest… And then he turned up in the heart of the hectic kaleidoscope of events.