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Wether your single or in a relationship SoulMate (Couple Solo Essential App) is an app which should make life much easier. The app is a great alternative to using the normal form of contact such as SMS, phone call, are Kakaotalk. The app is pack with a lot of features and options to make linking with a soul mate or finding one, relaxing. The initial launch of the app you will be greeted with a registered screen, this is to get things started and help setup your profile. Your profile is needed to get the full use of the app. Once that is done you will have a number of features to get yourself showcase.

There is a call, message and email tab that will allow you to easily contact your partner. Been on a date together recently and taken some pictures, why not save these to the “LoveAlbum”. Schedule dates, leave a memo, leave a nice message and share it through the app. The uniqueness of the app comes in when you do a couples linkage and majority of the features are for this.

SoulMate is indeed a unique way of sharing different things with your mate. We found that even though the app is directed to both single and couples, there is only one tab that a single person would be able to use. The “FindSoul” tab allows you to find a mate with similar profile. We also have an issue with the fact that we needed to register before we could use the app, but to be honest we don’t think privacy is a problem.

SoulMate(Couple Solo Essential App) is not for me but I’m sure their are people out there that will find the app useful. It does seem to work. The graphics are simple, really not much to say about it. The app allows you to change the background so you will be able to add your own feel to it. SoulMate(Couple Solo Essential App) is free so it’s worth a try.

App Details

Title: SoulMate(Couple Solo Essential App)

Price: Free

Category: Lifestyle

Developer: Jinwoo Choi

SoulMate(Couple Solo Essential App) - JINWOO CHOI

App Store Description

SoulMate is an essential app for both couple and singles.
It’s an amazing new application for those who are sick and tired of using Kakaotalk, phone call, sms, and etc!
Now, ‘SoulMate’ made these possible all-in-one.

Not only for couples but also for singles, Yaongi, the love cupid, will mate them.
“SoulMate” is different from the former services, which just match you and ‘do it on your own’. But if you become a couple, you will able to use these functions more convenient than ever.

“What if you are already a couple and so worried about your mate meeting other mates on app?”

Don’t worry about this. SoulMate won’t allow anyone else to invade your space other than you two.

Plus, all of the contents, which you two have sent or received, will be encapsulated and protected perfectly.

@ Main Functions @
======= COUPLE =======
1.Just one touch will allow you to make a call, send sms or e-mail to your mate.
2.Scheduler/Anniversary D-Day function, which you can share with each other.
3.Album that can save the pictures while you two were on a date.
4.Couple Shared Album, which you can categorize and sort it.
5.Memo Note, which you can leave a good phrase, a quick sketch, or lovely voice.
6.Shared Diary, which you can leave memorable notes. (Picture diary included)
7.Mini Games, which you can play with your mate.

======= Single =======
8.Matching system, which finds you a soulmate in your area.
9.Random Letter, which is sent by Yaongi , the love cupid.

10.Multilanguage supported