Autopilot Game For iPhone, Get Bob Home in Time For Dinner – Video Review

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AutoPilot Game is another hilariously funny game from the Bob series of game. If you’ve seen our previous review of Quick Bob then you will know the story of Bob. For those who haven’t then lets introduce you to Bob. Bob is the hard working fellow who decided to have a drink after a long day at work. It as been unfortunate for Bob in the bar and this continues on the streets, this is where AutoPilot Game comes in. With your help, Bob needs to get home before the time runs out and to the Mrs who as dinner waiting, but keep in mind that he has one too many beers.

The game controls are achieve by the iPhone accelerometer.  To move forward and speed up tilt the iPhone to the right, tilt to the left to slow down or stop. On the way home you will pass pints of beers which you will want Bob to avoid if you’re to get him home on time. Every drink makes Bob unsteady on is feet. You can also collect other items along the way for extra points.

Autopilot Game is simple and fun to play. We like the the animated graphics and the sound makes it a bit more enjoyable. The controls are not overly sensitive which you can find in some game that uses the device accelerometer. If you prefer a touch button control instead of a tilt control then this can be change in the settings tab. But I think the tilt controls make it more fun.

In need of a good laugh then Autopilot Game is the app to grab. Available for only £0.69 – $0.99 the app is rightly priced.

App Details

Title: Autopilot Game

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Bob Adventurer

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