Get Your Squishing On, In iSquishU For iOS – Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

iSquishU is the perfect little app for spending some of your free time squishing little critters. You can test your wits and intelligence at the same time with this Connect Four type of game. You can do battle with your friends or you can battle it out against the computer, setting your own level of expertise whilst you play.

iSquishU also allows you to solve puzzles and we all enjoy solving puzzles, well I do anyway. I really like the bit where I challenge my friend. He lives several miles away but because he too has the app it means I can now enjoy challenging him directly. If he is not up for a game I can challenge people randomly online. I once played iSquishU with some girl in Edinburgh and I live 400 miles south in London. We now have become regular playing partners doing battle most evenings with iSquishU.

It works particularly well on the iPad. The puzzle mode is truly amazing as it has over 80 different levels, all of which are a real challenge. This great little app plays happily on my iPhone 4S and also works a treat on my iPad2 also.

iSquishU also has a great “endless mode” feature which is rather handy for playing over and over again. In fact if you play Connect Four you should have no problems playing iSquishU. However, iSquishU is even better as it has cool graphics and has that classical concept edge.

This perfect little app is the greatest way for killing your spare time. Playing against your friends helps to bond with them and best of all you can make new friends by playing strangers online. It is a game of some strategy that is rather a lot of fun when you touch the squishy round objects they all seem to squirm and pull faces. The graphics truly are a great source of amusement.

I do think a testing of one’s wits in a two-player Connect Four game should be your next aim, particularly as you will play with squishys and have hours of fun. It is also a fun app to play on those long coach journeys.

App Details

Title: iSquishU

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Chris Sanchez

iSquishU - Christopher Jude Sanchez