Kids Fun for iPad as Over 70 Games and Activities For The Little Ones

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An app for kids that takes apps to the next level in both quantity and quality, Kids Fun is no more or less a value for money download. There is little doubt you will get your money’s worth here. This app has no less than a staggering 70-plus games and activities, enough to keep the little ones busy until they grow out of childhood nearly.

Kids Fun allows your young mites to have and play also there is a creative edge to the app too. Kids can observe and learn and all the while have fun at the same time. It has always been known that a human learns at their most optimum when they are very young and if they are having fun learning then that information sticks far longer lasting.

The range of activities and games in this app stretches beyond comprehension; a sound picture book, mixed animals like elephants, giraffes and bears, stickers, puzzles, matching shapes and other numbers, hide-and-seek game, dot-to-dot and spot the difference. All in all more than 70 activities and simply numerous little twists and turns among the various activities. Your child will truly have several hours of fun and time to discover. Kids Fun app is pure entertainment for the younger children.

This app is ideal for very young children from anywhere in the world as it uses pictures and no words. Why make the little children run before they can walk? The interface on the app is truly brilliant; it combines a clear intuitive design tailor made for young children. Kids Fun has a way of helping the younger kids learn how to play the activities and get involved in some fantastic fun.

Kids Fun is an all-in-one app that helps the youngsters play until their little hearts are content. It has been a best seller now in more than 30 countries and is suitable for the iPhone. Overall I found this app had plenty to offer and was a simple application to use. Your children will not need your help in assisting them when they try to use this. Kids Fun is designed to be child-friendly and straightforward.

Kids Fun is full of educational little games which will help your child to learn. The illustrations and the excellent sounds will inspire your youngsters to enjoy this app to its potential. Kids Fun really is what is says on the tin, an all round fun app with so much to offer.

App Details

Title: Kids Fun, more than 70 games and activities to play, create, observe, learn and have fun!

Price: £2.49 – $3.99

Category: Games

Developer: Philippe Andrevon

Kids Fun, more than 70 games and activities to play, create, observe, learn and have fun! - toomanyscreens