PTSoccer EPL Ultimate App For Football Fans – Video Review

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PTSoccer EPL is the newly released app for iPhone that help users keep track of games and offer pre-match predictions and analysis. English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most popular and successful football divisions in the world. The league as a worldwide fan base, so developing an app that offers news and media coverage of the EPL, game outcome predictions and a table section where you can view points, game played, won and etc was a very wise move by developers Catalyst.

PTSoccer EPL is filled with info and stats about every single team in the English Premier League and being a big football fan I am very impress. I’m able to get a lot more stats from the app than what I would get from the pre or post match analysis. I’m able to see how the teams compare with each other before the game is started.

Predictions is the main feature of the PTSoccer EPL app, with users able to view predictions from previous matches in the free version and view upcoming game outcome predictions by the purchase of in-app for (£0.69). Stats included in the app range from team comparison, Squad list, Attack, defence, win rate and much more. The News and Media section features all the latest news, video and post-match reports relating to the EPL. The Table section gives a great run down of what position the teams are at the moment and the points they have gained. You will also be able to see how many games each team have played, drew, won, lost and etc.

A lot of football fans will be impress with this app due to the large amount of features. With the amount of information available your thoughts might be how will it work, but I can assure you it is set out perfectly and well designed. If you’re a keen football fan, the comparisons and various stats will be a quite easy to comprehend. The whole app is quite easy to browse through.

PTSoccer EPL is overall an impressive app, with it’s simple and easy to use layout and a wealth of information it’s hard to believe the full version is only £0.69 – $0.99. Grab it on the App Store and keep up to date with the current happenings of the EPL.

App Details

Title: PTSoccer EPL

Price: Free but includes in-app purchase

Category: Sports

Developer: Catalyst People Limited

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