WorldCard HD – A Business Scanning App to Manage Your Contacts

I recently happened to download a business card scanning application which has many amazing features. As a sales person, my job involves gathering business cards from different people who I meet daily. As a result, the cards pile up day by day. It is not an easy task to sort out and enter the individual contact details on my iPad. When I was looking for a way to manage my cards, I got to know about this app, WorldCard HD. I decided to give it a try and was happy to see that it really lived up to my expectations.

WorldCard HD is a scanning app that transfers your business card details to your contacts on the iPad without manual typing. This app allows you to capture the business card details through the iPad’s camera. One of the prominent features of the app is that it uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize the characters. Once you have captured the image, click on the recognize button. The details are added to the corresponding fields like name, company, address, phone number etc. You can then check the details and edit them if required. Click on Export to transfer them into your contacts folder.

The cool thing about WorldCard HD app is that captured images are enhanced automatically to the best definition. It supports many languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. Another notable thing about this app is, it supports batch recognition of cards. That is, a group of cards can be recognized at a time, which is a great feature for businessmen for whom time is always a constraint.

Other Features:

  • High-speed scanning
  • Create groups of contacts with Card Holder for easy organization
  • Merge new data into existing contacts
  • Manual cropping of images by fingers
  • Automatic camera shake reduction
  • Access social network function
  • Support data exchange with WorldCard desktop software

Apart from these, the app also allows you to make a call, SMS, email or browse the company’s website directly from the card images. WorldCard HD sports an excellent user interface and smooth navigation across different screens. The app really saves a lot of time for you. The WorldCard HD costs $14.99. If you use your iPad for business, I highly recommend you give it a try.