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Building your own website from scratch on your iPad has never been easier. Imagine having your own website full of information and blog entries that you have created. Imagine having all your photos and videos on there too. Imagine having links to all your favourite websites or web pages that link to an article related to your blog. Well imagine no more because it’s easy with Simpl.

Simpl is an app that will download to any iPad providing it has iOS 5.0 or later. When you download Simpl you can personalise your very own website and then when you are ready you can publish it to the world on the internet. It’s so easy its Simpl.

The great thing about Simpl is that it is so easy to use and you don’t require any technical knowledge to use it. It is perfect for that trip to Goa on the Indian west coastline or that vacation with the folks in Australia. You can take pictures and videos and document your great time even as you are lying on the beach or up in that air balloon on an adventure of a lifetime with your loved one.

When you are ready you can upload those images to Simpl and then share with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter. Simpl creates a five-page website on your iPad and you can choose the type of design your page looks like. There are a number of beautifully designed themes to choose from. Simpl is exclusively designed for the iPad and there is even a free trial period so if you feel it’s not for you then you can simply drop it – Simpl. You can also encrypt your data upload with an iOS VPN.

The professionally designed themes are great as it allows your content to breathe and expand as much as you would want. The free trial period has just been extended from two weeks to two months and at a fraction of the cost of other leading web design services I found Simpl the best way to build a website.

App Details

Title: Simpl

Price: Free

Category: Productivity

Developer: Simpl App Ltd

Simpl - Simpl App Ltd

App Store Description

Want to build a website from your iPad with no fuss?

It’s easy with Simpl.

Build a website with your info, photos, news and links then choose a design from our growing collection of beautiful themes. Personalise your website as much as you like, then, when you’re ready, publish it straight from the app.


• Easy to use – no technical knowledge required
• Creates a five-page website
• Choice of page types, including photo gallery, news and contact
• Choice of beautifully designed themes
• Designed exclusively for the iPad
• Free trial period
• No ads and we won’t sell your information

Our professionally designed themes are clean and simple, giving your content plenty of room to breathe. Changing your website’s theme is easy and fun, and each theme comes in a choice of artistic colour variations.

Every website comes with a free two-week trial period. And, for a limited time, we are offering an extended free trial period of two months.

After that, the service is a fraction of the price of most other web design services and you can update your new website whenever and wherever you want to. Visit our website for more information.