Instudios iPad App Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

There’s not many apps that allows you to harness your imagination but Instudios for iPad does it and does it well. Ever wonder how a new concept would look like or imagine a landscape covered with buildings then you can with Instudios for iPad. The app allow users to visualise new inventions, landscapes and just about anything the mind can imagine all from the iPad.

Instudios uses an array of photos which can be found on the internet through the app’s search engine. This along with a few features and visualisation tools can help the user create exactly what they are envisioning, or just about. The app’s search engine is very powerful, so powerful that you can type, for example ‘H’ that will generate a large amount of images relating to the letter typed. You are able to save images for a later use. You also have access to your photo library to use your own images in your idea.

The full screen view of the high quality images make them look even more stunning on the iPad. Whatever orientation, either portrait or landscape you will be able to work in comfort.

My initial use of Instudios started off a bit slow, thankfully there are information guides to help a new user such as myself get started. Share you’re ideas easily with the built-in social media integration. The graphics of the apps is breathe taking. The user interface is however does take a minute to get use to. The images are of a very high quality. The app price was priced at $5.99 but for a limited time you can grab it for $30. Instudios is a great app, that is aim at artist, people with a creative imagination and inventors. Everyone as some sort of creativeness in them and Instudios can bring that out.

App Details

Title: Instudios

Price: £0.69 – $0.99 For a limited time.

Category: Lifstyle

Developer: Veena Karthick

InStudios - Veena Karthick

App Store Description

InStudios is the powerful visualisation media app designed for a mobile device. The app holds a creative nature that brings out individual’s innovation and exciting ideas alive.
The powerful search engine provides extended high quality images beautifully presented and animated from around the world. The dynamic tools help to merge any creative ideas and bring out the best new ways of visualisation and presentations.

The application’s integration with search engine, camera tool and access to photo library is enhanced for new way of use in this application. All the above together, is enhanced using multi-sensory features of the iPad, to visualise and create visions of all kinds within minutes from anywhere. We have provided a excellent set of functions, to bring out visuals at finger tips through this visualisation media.

Uplifts your enthusiasm for innovation and inventions. Excites you to imagine and visualise the impossible and invoke your best skills. Holds a library to save your works and network to share it amongst your friends. The app is invented to inspire you and Experiment beyond boundaries to imagine, visualise and create visions.

Key features

Powerful search tool providing high quality images in animation.

Save your search images in personal store within application.

Camera tool and access to photo library is built-in for new way of use
in this application bringing out iPad’s best features.

Full screen view of high quality images.

Dynamic design and visualisation tools for creativity.

Merge images and explore the visualisation process.

Our information guides helps you getting started.

Work with comfort in landscape and portrait orientation.

Library in animation saves and presents your works in the best highlight.

All interactive media and social network integrated to share ideas.