There is a Way to Lower Those Stress Levels Try Stress Shifter for iPhone

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I had a chance to check out a new app called “Stress Shifter Lite” today.  I have to admit, as the publisher of a text based game myself, I am impressed with the authors courage.  But this is no ordinary app, no this is your first step to mental health.  Instead of shooting aliens or flicking birds at unsuspecting swine you will find yourself answering probing questions that are aimed to make you think about your feelings.  An experience that actually challenges you to feel, now if thats not atypical of about 99.9% of apps these days, I don’t know what is.

In the light version that I reviewed, I was first given the opportunity to answer a multiple choice question about what aspect of my life was my biggest source of stress, this after being asked for my email address.  Personally I found the request for email a bit inappropriate at the beginning, it might have been better placed after the initial survey.

After my initial question was answered I was asked to identify the part of my body where I physically “felt” the stress.  What I found most interesting what that I was given the opportunity to type in a part of my body that wasn’t on the list.  I resisted the urge to be childish here, and chose a part of the body that was on the list. The app then goes on to ask several questions that allow the user to respond on a scale of 5 between “strongly agree” or strongly disagree”. The questions are somewhat leading, but do stimulate the user to actually be introspective in responding.

At the end I was shown a graph which represented where the source of my stress was on a chart.  It also gave me some advice which could be considered fairly generic, I took the test twice and essentially got the same advice despite giving distinctly different answers each time.  But I think the advice was good, although I think the biggest benefit anyone can get from taking the test is that they took a moment to assess their feelings, which is something not a lot of people really stop to do very often.

Bottom line for me, there’s a value here, although I think the intended audience is likely over 30.  Despite a few bugs and a couple of typos, there is some real and credible techniques employed here, I myself have spent years in therapy, and studying similar ideas and constructs to focus energy, increase awareness and consciousness. I did not elect to purchase the $2.99 upgrade which promised to give me a set of “tools” to use to reduce my stress level, but then again, my stress level isn’t too high.  But my advice to anyone who is experiencing a lot of stress or depression is that $2.99 is not a lot of money, and I think it could be well worth a look.

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Title: Stress Shifter

Price: Free

Category: Health and Fitness

Developer: Ki Learning Systems

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