Wilbur Fun on the Farm

iPhoneglance Rating:[rating=5]

Parents may recognize the cast of “Wilbur Fun on the Farm” from the Discovery channel series that ended in 2006.  The lovable calf Wilbur, Ray the Rooster, along with Dasha the Duck and Libby the Lamb are back again in a very cute game designed to entertain the preschool set.

Actually Wilbur Fun on the farm is a suite of mini games.  The main menu serves as a kind of hub for navigating from one mini game to another.  All of the navigation is accomplished by pressing nice big picture buttons, this is likely because Wilbur Fun on the Farm is designed for toddlers and children who may not be reading yet.  The games are very entertaining and the music is friendly and cute.

One of the most entertaining games is a Hide and Seek memory game, where the player must touch baby chicks that are hiding just out of sight in the yard, but avoid the smelly skunk that is also hiding.  It is fun and entirely repeatable, with different hiding combinations every time.  There are 4 mini-games total, including a really fun music play-along game, a coloring game, and a bubble popping game, which simply allows the player to pop as many bubbles as they wish, without any of the mess of course.  The one thing that really stands out to me is that none of the games are focused on points or trying to accomplish a specific goal, but rather they offer open ended play without consequences or conditions, which is perfect for kids that age.

Overall it feels like an incredible value for what you get, and as a parent I appreciate that it is ad free and very entertaining for my little ones who just want to have fun.  I am surprised that the publisher is charging so little.  It is universal, so it will work on iPhone or iPad, though in my opinion it looks best on iPad.