Awesome Calendar (+Google Task/Diary) iPhone Review

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Awesome calendar is one of those handy little apps that can synch you so easily with your main Google Calendar. It was awesome for me because recently I went on a business trip and had no access to my Google Calendar. So as I was driving north and pulled over I wanted to check when my first appointment was and where. I knew it was on my Google Calendar but how could I access the information while sitting in my car in a lay-by with no access. Awesome Calendar had the answer as it links and synchs with my Google Calendar and told me all the appointments that I had and the times they were do to take place.

I could write my own to-do list, and I had a very long one indeed, and check the weather too. I created some notes and was even able to attach photos with them. Its general appearance tends to be one of elegance. Awesome Calendar even shows things like meetings, team project efforts and gatherings and all the small little things that are stuck on my Google Calendar at home or in the office. Now Awesome Calendar was bringing them to life and having me at my fingertips.

It took me just under two seconds to open the app so it is very fast. Immediately the app synchronized with Google Calendar and I was away looking for spare slots for that next meeting. I was recently in the Lake District and I was having a meeting with a client at a restaurant. While there the proprietors wanted to fix another meeting for sometime around the end of the month. While we stood in the car park I whipped out my Awesome Calendar and scheduled in a date, which in turn was automatically synched with my personal assistant back at the office, who got the ball rolling on the project. All this was done while I stood in the car park in the Lake District, 400 miles away from my London office.

I usually pride myself on acting quickly in business and staying one step ahead of the opposition. This is the reason why I have Awesome Calendar on my iPhone. In one fail swoop I was able to set up dates and times of my next meetings and view or edit my schedule to suit. I was even able to embed photos in my notes. Awesome!

App Details

Title: Awesome Calendar (+Google Task/ Diary)

Price: £1.99 – $2.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: YunaSoft Inc

Awesome Calendar(+Google Task/Diary) - YunaSoft Inc.