Make Apps Easily With Shoutem, No Progamming Knowledge Required

Do you want to make an app? Do you know how to make an app? No, I did not think so but a new website does. Shoutem is one website that does know the answers and they will help you build your app or do it all for you, no programming or developers knowledge required. Make apps for your local rock band. Perhaps one idea would be to list all your forthcoming tour dates on the app or latest record releases or how about just a profile of all the band members.

Shoutem is a mobile app creator that can help you to build an app for communities or non-profit organisations. Brand new and sparkling apps can be made within just minutes. Let us take a closer look at the three steps to building an app at Shoutem. First step is design. Secondly you publish and lastly you manage your app. The managing bit at the end is you updating the information so the data is up to the minute. An example of this being; your band has just announced a new 30-date tour so you want your band’s app details updated to reflect this.

The packaging that comes with your app at Shoutem is highly extensive. Music is always paramount in making a good app sound even greater. Shoutem has a complete discography of music and musical excerpts. Sound effects are covered here too. You can preview music clips linked from your iTunes directory too. What happens if your app is based around a band or a tour; Shoutem apps can accommodate for show details, venue locations and ticketing details. Embed videos within your app also. Let us say your band had a great gig the other night and you want to show a video sample on your app of that gig, well now you can by linking to YouTube or Vimeo video file sharing websites.

Photos can also be linked via Flickr or Picasa, alternatively you could use image RSS feeds to update your app in real time and automatically. Specifically if we were building an app about our rock band then it would be great to update the app with a constant roll of photos that you could take on your smartphone and publish them instantly to your feed which in turn will update the app.

Shoutem also generates some facts and figures on your app if only to see how everything is all ticking along. Learn just who you are connecting with and show all things like stats, demographics and who is using your app.